(1) I Want to Import Goods from China, How to Cooperate with You?

We treat all polite and professional inquiries on importing goods from China. Before dropping a line to us for importing goods from China, it is kindly suggested that you already have a clear idea of which kinds or categories of products you would like to import, which will definitely make our work of sourcing more efficient. Basic and necessary information of the goods to be imported should be provided to us in detail if possible. For instance, if you would like to import clothes from China, such information as age range, men and/or lady, kids or adults, sizes, colors and styles for clothes for our reference. In most cases, we may require you to send us some pictures of designs for better understanding of what you need. Actually, this also greatly helps us locate the most suitable suppliers with the most appropriate goods meeting your requirements.

(2) Which Kinds or Categories of Products Are You Mainly Engaged In?  

As everyone knows, China is the world’s factory. Every year, we receive numerous inquiries for importing goods covering various industries and fields, including electronics, machinery, lightings, LED products, furniture, ceramics, building materials, wallpapers, tiles, bags, toys, gifts, fabrics, clothes and garment accessories and many others. On the whole, we start sourcing according to the requirements of customers. Therefore, the details of goods to be imported by customers constitute the precondition for our sourcing work.

(3) How to Place a Purchase Order with You and How Much Do You Charge?

After we have completed the products sourcing and you are satisfied with the products from pricing, quality, shipping to other related conditions, and in some cases, you have confirmed the samples or swatches of products sent to you as required by you, it then will go to the process of placement of purchase order.

To simplify complex issues and improve the work efficiency between both sides of us, we act as the direct pricing quotation provider, namely, we submit you the direct pricing of the products for your reference. And your purchase of goods will be subjected to the pricing offered from us. Our pricing is always affordable due to our great efforts in bargaining with suppliers, factories or manufacturers to get their best prices, just considering a small amount of profit margins for our operating costs.

(4) How to Guarantee That I Can Get the Goods with the Same Quality as You Quote?

In some cases, our customers will propose to get samples firstly for the purpose of judging the quality of goods prior to placing a purchase order with us. This is a normal request in doing business. And to let our customer rest assured, we always suggest our new customers to request samples before purchase. In particular, a customer who is interested in importing a large quantity of goods is strongly suggested to have samples firstly. In this case, the costs for the samples and shipping shall be on the side of the customers and to be paid before our arrangement of shipping which often delivered by the Express Way among DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT.

(5) What is the Shipping Charge and When Can I Get the Goods?

Every businessman or anyone who would like to do international business should learn some knowledge about market survey, product development, goods shipping, Customs duties and tariffs, Customs clearance, and options of appropriate shipping ways, etc., as these factors, from beginning to end, constitute crucial parts of your international business. With respect to the shipping charge, it varies significantly between Express Ways and Air Freight and between Ocean Freight. Shipping charges are always closely related to the actual weight and volume weight of goods and the timeliness of shipping. Below are just brief explanations on the charges of the above-mentioned shipping ways for your reference:

Express Ways (DHL, FedEx, UPS, and TNT): It is considered fastest and safest by any of these Express Ways. It will take around 7~10 working days for the goods to arrive to most countries and regions in the world. Other advantages using these ways are that Door-to-Door Service is offered and you do not need to do complex Customs clearance. It can be described as you just wait for the goods to come at home. However, the charge by these ways will be relatively high due to their fast and ideal services.

In most cases, the calculation for shipment by DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx will be subjected to the actual weight (kg) or volume weight (L*W*H/5000), whichever is the greater. For instance, your parcel is 20kg in actual weight and if the parcel volume weight is 50*40*60cm/5000=24kg, the 24kg shall be adopted for the calculation of freight charge.

Air Freight: It is considered almost as fast as the Express Ways, but with charge being much cheaper than the Express Ways. However, the obvious inconvenience using this way are that the goods will arrive to your airport, and you have to personally do the Customs clearance for collecting the goods. Door-to-Door Service is Not included in this way. Ideally, we can do the Customs clearance for customers in some African countries (like Lagos in Nigeria) and the goods will directly arrive to our warehouse in town and thus you just need to go to our warehouse for collecting the goods, without needing to going to the airport. It is recommended to choose this way under the conditions that the goods are over 50kg and you are familiar with the Customs procedures and want to minimize your operating costs.

ePackage: Some customers may choose the cost-effective ePackage for a small-sized parcel with light weight less than 2kg (L+W+H<0.9M, with the longest side less than 60cm). However, this ways is very slow, taking 15~20 working days to your country, and you may possibly have to go to the Post Office to get the parcel, depending on the actual situations of different countries.

Ocean Shipping: As everyone knows, ocean shipping is the slowest, almost taking 20~30 days or even longer to the port of the coastal countries. The advantage using this way is that the cost is lowest, and the disadvantages are that you need to do the Customs clearance on your own or by asking your local Customs clearance agency to do so for collecting the goods. It is recommended to choose ocean shipping for bulk goods, LCL (less-than-container load) and full container load.

In a word, no matter which shipping way you choose, the larger quantity or more weights, the cheaper charges.

(6) Can You Deal with the Shipping If I Purchase Goods from Multiple Suppliers?

Yes, of course. We also provide our regular customers with goods consolidation service. Our warehouse facility is located at Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China. We can consolidate your goods from your multiple suppliers, factories or manufacturers and then arrange one-off shipping when all the goods are ready at our warehouse. Reasonable charges for warehouse storage and management for your goods will be applied, depending on the total volumetric space of the goods and how long all your goods are kept in our warehouse facility before shipping.

To save your warehousing costs, it is suggested that you can instruct your multiple suppliers, factories or manufacturers to transport your different goods to our warehouse facility on the same day. For instance, you can tell them that you have decided to have all the goods shipped on a specific day (such as October 10, 2019), then the goods must arrive to our warehouse several days in advance (such as October 5, 2019). In this way, you can minimize any risk in delay in goods delivery and guarantee timely shipping by Express Ways or Air Freight or especially ocean shipping. Making sufficient preparations is always a good thing in the matter of shipping.

If you also need us to arrange internal trucking in China, loading and unloading and repacking for your goods, reasonable charges shall be applied.

(7) Can You Buy and Ship Every Product for Me?

We have lots of foreign customers from various countries and regions, therefore, we procure and ship most categories of products. But, any prohibited goods and absolutely sensitive goods are not allowed to buy and ship in China, such as weapons, restricted knives, batteries, medicines, drugs, liquids, powder, radioactive substance, flammable and explosive hazardous substances and any other articles that are restricted in China and in any foreign country or region.

If you would like to buy brand name replicas or replicas goods, like handbag replicas, watch replicas, shoes replicas, belts replicas, scarf replicas, jewelry replicas, etc., we can help with and ship the replicas to you. However, the shipping cost will be a little high for replicas.

(8) What Are Your Required Terms of Payment?

In terms of payment, we offer 3 payment options: T/T, Western Union, and PayPal.

(I) Bank Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): In this way, it will generally take us 3~5 working days to receive your payment. [ Important: If using the bank transfer, when you are asked for the Purpose of Remittance, please leave it blank or you can just describe it as “personal use”, “service fee”, “wages” or “commission”. Please DO NOT describe it as “payment for goods”, “payment for invoice xxx” or “payment for clothes/shoes/…etc., otherwise, your payment may Not be easily credited into our account or mostly may be delayed for a long time.]

(Ⅱ) Western Union (preferred): In his way, we can receive your payment in a very short time and thus can handle the purchase of goods timely.

(Ⅲ) Paypal: In this way, we accept a total amount of payment less than USD 800, and an extra 6% transaction fee shall be added on the total amount.

In regards to any option of payment, please make the payment in USD or Euro if possible. We will start immediately getting down to the purchase of goods upon your payment for the goods and shipping has been confirmed and received by us.

(9) What Are OEM and ODM and Can I Use My Private Label or Logo?

Briefly, the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) means a producer provides a product to its customers who proceed to modify the product mainly in appearance or localization before distributing or selling it to their customers. In this case, you can ask the producer to manufacture the products of their existing designs or styles or models, and you can apply your own private label or Logo to the products on the condition that your demand meets the producer’s requirements for large quantities.

The ODM (original design manufacturer) means a producer designs and produces products that are marketed and sold under the name of a customer. The designing and production for the products are completed by the producer and thus the intellectual property that goes into the products is mostly owned by the producer who executes the designing and production. And you can apply your own private label or Logo to the products on the condition that your demand meets the producer’s requirements for large quantities.

The OEM and ODM services are often provided to customers who are in the businesses of clothes, shoes, bags, souvenirs, gifts, toys, electronics, jewelries and other small commodities. We can achieve private label or Logo through OEM or ODM service for our customers. By way of establishing your own private label or Logo, you can expand your brand image and influence.

(10) Do You Arrange Private Tour Guide Services?

Yes. Every year, there are numerous foreigners coming to China for business and for travel. To cater for foreign travelers’ demands for tours in China, we professionally operate private tour guide services mainly in Guangzhou and the surrounding cities such as Shenzhen, Foshan and Zhongshan, in addition to products sourcing, QC and shipping.

Our guided tour services cover city tour, sightseeing tour, historic and cultural tour, local lifestyle tour, local Cantonese food tour, Chinese food tour, shopping tour, factory tour and tailor-made tours at the request of customers. For more details about all tours available with us, please refer to the section of Guided Tour Services.

(11) How to Travel to Guangzhou If My Flight Lands at Hong Kong International Airport?

Three ways are suggested for your options:

(I) Direct Cross-border Coach from Hong Kong International Airport to Guangzhou. The Ticket Office is at the Counter C10-13 of Tourist Coach Terminal and the boarding location is at No.2 Passengers Building. The ticket price is around USD 30/person. The whole journey will take approximately 4 hours (07:00AM~22:00PM).

() Bullet Train/High-speed Train: Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station. Tickets can be booked via the website https://www.trip.com/ for foreign travelers. It is suggested to make the ticket booking at least 5 days prior to your departure; otherwise, all the trains will be possibly fully booked, without any ticket available for you. The whole journey will take only 1 hour (08:05AM~22:50PM).

() Hong Kong Metro+Shenzhen Bus to Guangzhou. You can firstly take Hong Kong Metro to the Lo Wu Port connecting Hong Kong and Shenzhen City. After you exit from the port, you will find Shenzhen Luohu Coach Station exactly at your right side. Take the Shenzhen-Guangzhou coach. The ticket price is around USD 11/person. The whole journey from Shenzhen to Guangzhou will take approximately 4 hours (07:30AM~20:00PM).

(12) Do You Offer Guangzhou Airport Transfer Service? Or Guangzhou South Railway Station Pick-up and Drop-off Services?

Yes. We are always at your service. Situated in the south of China, Guangzhou is the third largest metropolis behind Beijing and Shanghai in China. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the third busiest airport and Guangzhou South Railway Station is the No.1 busiest high-speed rail station.

The airport pick-up service by our punctual private car ensures you to reach your hotel directly, saving your precious time, without having to wait for the long queue of taxi.

The airport drop-off service by our punctual private car ensures that you get to the airport timely and have sufficient time for the boarding procedures, without worrying about missing the flight. It is suggested to arrive at the airport 90 minutes ahead of your flight departure time for domestic flight, and 120 minutes for international flight.

We also offer pick-up or drop-off service for foreign travelers who travel to Guangzhou from Hong Kong or go to other city from Guangzhou, at Guangzhou South Railway Station.

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